IFR6000 Transponder and DME Ramp Test Set


IFR6000 Transponder and DME Ramp Test Set


    IFR 6000 features include:

    • Mode S level 1-4, (level automatically determined), FAR Part 43 appendix F, (including proposed Eurocontrol extension), Eurocontrol Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance
    • ADS-B TX/RX
    • TIS
    • ICAO Annex 10 amendment 77
    • Quickly and easily provides accurate measurement of transponder transmitting frequency, power and receiver sensitivity. Predetermined configurations for testing any class of transponder.
    • Tests any DME 1 MHz spaced X or Y channel. Measurements include: interrogator transmitter frequency/peak power, Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), P1/P2 width and pulse spacing. Provides accurate range and velocity simulation, station ident, squitter control.
    • Simulates the airborne environment necessary to allow verification/certification of proper operation of an aircraft’s TCAS I and II installations.
    • Detachable directional antenna
    • Large 5.7-inch LCD display
    • Simple user interface
    • Lightweight at less than 8 lbs.


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